Goodness Gathering | Featured on Swooned Magazine

I am so, so honored to have this project featured on Swooned Magazine! I absolutely love everything about this, and what it represents. I will let Brittany of That’s Pretty Ace, one of the creators behind the shoot, explain the meaning and inspiration.

To add something else, this is one of my first shoots where I started incorporating film! Film is an incredible medium for photography, and something that I have fallen in love with lately. Although I have not stepped away from digital completely, I am starting to incorporate film into my portfolio! I am so excited to feature this project, and I hope you all enjoy it!

From Brittany…

“The way the day fell together was so perfect. These ladies transformed a random picnic table in a field littered with trash into the dreamy landscape you see (I’m telling you, they’re amazing). I lightly directed the mood and feel, set the date, found a location and our models, and made sure everyone had what they needed. Taylor of Magnolia Tree Paperie brought gorgeous paper goods – illustrated quotes, the sweetest invite, and even a cocktail recipe card. Molly of Pearls & Poppies shared her magic for the gorgeously simple florals. Carah Vallejo of Carah Bonita did anincredible job of styling our table and providing the perfectly un-fussy decor and food. She even made a custom cocktail! It was divine. Especially at 7 in the morning…! And Jessica Welshans truly captured the intimacy and joy of friendship by using her skills in both digital and film. Our precious models are actually all dear friends of mine, and Molly even jumped in to make our group an even number! What a trooper🙂 It was so special seeing friends from all corners of my life come together, getting to know each other quickly as they linked arms and giggled in a big field. I loved watching them toast to one another not long after meeting for the first time. I love these women more dearly than I could ever describe.”

GoodnessGathering_0001 GoodnessGathering_0002 GoodnessGathering_0003 GoodnessGathering_0004 GoodnessGathering_0005 GoodnessGathering_0006 GoodnessGathering_0007 GoodnessGathering_0008 GoodnessGathering_0009 GoodnessGathering_0010 GoodnessGathering_0011 GoodnessGathering_0012 GoodnessGathering_0013 GoodnessGathering_0014 GoodnessGathering_0015 GoodnessGathering_0016 GoodnessGathering_0017 GoodnessGathering_0018 GoodnessGathering_0019 GoodnessGathering_0020 GoodnessGathering_0021 GoodnessGathering_0022 GoodnessGathering_0023 GoodnessGathering_0024 GoodnessGathering_0025 GoodnessGathering_0026

Alysse | Colorado Bridals

This. Girl.

Alysse is one of my lifelong friends. Not only was her Colorado wedding this past weekend beyond stunning, but her bridals take my breath away. I mean SERIOUSLY. The only thing more beautiful than the surrounding Colorado scenery is the bride herself. And the best part is that Alysse was up for ANYTHING. She was seriously climbing rocks in her wedding dress. IN HER WEDDING DRESS GUYS. All of the people walking their dogs and biking might have thought we were crazy, but this is the epitome of “it’s all worth it for the picture.” The next day, we went to take pictures alongside some beautiful horses! This was especially meaningful for her, as horseback riding was a big part of Alysse’s childhood. This photoshoot was such an adventure, so much fun, and even a little dangerous at times. But with brides as awesome as this girl, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Alysse you are the BOMB, and I hope you and Pete are having an amazing time in Hawaii!

Happy Tuesday loves!


Alysse_0001 Alysse_0002 Alysse_0003 Alysse_0004 Alysse_0005 Alysse_0006 Alysse_0007 Alysse_0008 Alysse_0009 Alysse_0010 Alysse_0011 Alysse_0012 Alysse_0013 Alysse_0014 Alysse_0015 Alysse_0016 Alysse_0017 Alysse_0018 Alysse_0019 Alysse_0020 Alysse_0021 Alysse_0022 Alysse_0023 Alysse_0024 Alysse_0025 Alysse_0026 Alysse_0027 Alysse_0028 Alysse_0029 Alysse_0030 Alysse_0031 Alysse_0032 Alysse_0033

Kayla and Seth | Weatherford Garden Wedding

Kayla and Seth…absolutely the cutest couple ever. Not even kidding. And this garden wedding is a celebration after my own heart. One of my favorite moments was right after Kayla and Seth’s first look, they immediately prayed together. WHAT?!!?! My heart absolutely sighed inside. (Look at the picture right under their first look reaction, that’s the golden moment). And I have the biggest crush on those sparkly bridesmaids shoes. I mean. COME ON. Anyways, check out the garden/wedding/amazing goodness of this day. Kayla and Seth, YOU ROCK. Let’s be friends forever, okay? Okay.

Peace out loves! You are all THE BEST.


KaylaSeth_0001 KaylaSeth_0002 KaylaSeth_0003 KaylaSeth_0004 KaylaSeth_0005 KaylaSeth_0006 KaylaSeth_0007 KaylaSeth_0008 KaylaSeth_0009 KaylaSeth_0010 KaylaSeth_0011 KaylaSeth_0012 KaylaSeth_0013 KaylaSeth_0014 KaylaSeth_0015 KaylaSeth_0016 KaylaSeth_0017 KaylaSeth_0018 KaylaSeth_0019 KaylaSeth_0020 KaylaSeth_0021

Sarah & Jeffery | Beach Anniversary Session

This session holds such a special place in my heart. Not only is this the most awesome couple ever, but Sarah is my sweetheart of a cousin. Ever since I was born (and even before that), my extended family takes an annual vacation to Grand Haven, Michigan. It is such a peaceful, serene place to escape to. I even cried on my last night as I watched the sun set. (Don’t believe me? I even instagrammed my pathetic/tearful face!) This place holds such a special place in my heart, and so do these two.

I grew up with Sarah and her sisters, and I have loved having Jeffery as an addition to the family! He fits in so well with our (slightly crazy-insane) family, and is just perfect for Sarah. When they asked me to photograph an anniversary session for them on the beach, I was so ecstatic and honored! I could swoon over these two for hours.

Sarah and Jeffery, thank you for being such a sweet part of my life! You two are just gems, and I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

Love love love my friends!


SarahJeff_0001 SarahJeff_0002 SarahJeff_0003 SarahJeff_0004 SarahJeff_0005 SarahJeff_0006 SarahJeff_0007 SarahJeff_0008 SarahJeff_0009 SarahJeff_0010 SarahJeff_0011 SarahJeff_0012 SarahJeff_0013

Audrey & Tucker | Fort Worth Wedding

This was the first wedding I ever cried behind the camera. I am typically an emotional person, but even at a wedding when I’m working, I’m so focused on my job that my brain doesn’t have room to involved emotionally. But as soon as Tucker started crying even before Audrey made her entrance, my eyes filled with tears.

It is so evident how much this couple loves each other, and how Christ-centered their relationship is. They had their parents and siblings pray over them during the ceremony, which absolutely filled my heart. This is a couple I know is going to do amazing things through their marriage, and they are already setting the greatest example.

No joke, Audrey has to be THE most joyful bride I have ever seen! She could not stop smiling the entire day. Her joy is just contagious.

And can we talk about those flowers for a second? HOLY COW! Flowers are one of my favorite wedding details, and the lovely team at We + You did not fail to deliver. With all of the other rustic details, sweet moments, and kick-awesome dance party, this wedding was just the greatest.

Enjoy some of my favorites! Much love!


AudreyTucker_0001 AudreyTucker_0002 AudreyTucker_0003 AudreyTucker_0004 AudreyTucker_0005 AudreyTucker_0006 AudreyTucker_0007 AudreyTucker_0008 AudreyTucker_0009 AudreyTucker_0010 AudreyTucker_0011 AudreyTucker_0012 AudreyTucker_0013 AudreyTucker_0014 AudreyTucker_0015 AudreyTucker_0016 AudreyTucker_0017 AudreyTucker_0018 AudreyTucker_0019 AudreyTucker_0020 AudreyTucker_0021 AudreyTucker_0022 AudreyTucker_0023 AudreyTucker_0024 AudreyTucker_0025 AudreyTucker_0026 AudreyTucker_0027 AudreyTucker_0028 AudreyTucker_0029 AudreyTucker_0030 AudreyTucker_0031 AudreyTucker_0032 AudreyTucker_0033 AudreyTucker_0034 AudreyTucker_0035 AudreyTucker_0036 AudreyTucker_0037 AudreyTucker_0038 AudreyTucker_0039 AudreyTucker_0040